Merikle Waters Paints & Quarters

Producing & Training Quality Family And Show Horses

Here at Merikle Waters, we

 strive to produce highly 

athletic, versatile horses that

also have great minds.

Our ideal horse is also able to

 halter & ride, not either or.

We offer;

- Training services

- Riding/show/liberty lessons

- Stallion Services

- Foaling services

- Horse sales

- Leases

- Judging services (4H/Open)

- Consignment and show horse


Looking for an involved training program for you and your horse?

One that assists your understanding and ability to communicate to get the most out of the relationship with your horse? 

Check out our Equine Communication Connection page!

Merikle Waters is proud to present 'What Your Horse Wished You Knew', by Brandi Thiessen. Available for purchase on Amazon in both kindle book and paperback.

Are you looking to expand your knowledge and gain a clearer understanding of what your horse is trying to tell you? In the book 'What Your Horse Wished You Knew' you will be guided into an expansion of your understanding, and an enhancement of the relationship with your horse.

Equine enthusiasts want for nothing more but to continue to love and enjoy the special horses in their lives. With so many disruptions in this showing up for horses and equestrians world wide, most are seeking more answers for their questions. The intention of this book is to assist you in giving you the tools to effectively assess and communicate with your horse on a consistent basis. You will be taken layer by layer on how to effectively apply any kind training technique in a mutually beneficial way. Allowing the reader insight into the key components to finding fully balanced relationship success with any horse.

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